What makes vacations in Greece so special

If there are a few days each year that deserve to be truly special, those are our vacation days. Those are the days when we get to relax and forget all the troubles and the worries of our work and daily life. They are the few days each year when we get to escape the daily routine, relax and recharge our batteries. Our reward for a year’s – or perhaps even more – worth of hard work. Therefore, we all want our vacation time to be as special as possible and in order for that to happen, one has to pick the right destination. And of course, there is nothing better than customized vacation packages to help us do that.

When it comes to holiday destinations, none is as popular as Greece. This rather small country in the Mediterranean Sea welcomes literally millions of visitors each year and most, if not all, of them return to their homes completely satisfied of their time there and they vow to return. What is it that makes holidays in Greece so special? Let’s find out!

The most beautiful beaches in Europe

What makes Greece stand out from other countries in the south of Europe is the fact that its beaches are known all over the world for their amazing beauty. Most of them feature fine, white sand, while their waters have a unique emerald-green color that just invites you to dive in them. Finally, some of them, like the Shipwreck beach on the island of Zakynthos and the black beaches of Santorini, are constantly voted as the best and most unique beaches in the world by numerous travel blogs, sites and publications.

Amazing weather

Another thing that’s rather unique about Greece, is the fact that during the summer months, the weather is almost ALWAYS sunny and warm. This means that not only you will be able to enjoy the country’s beaches and its natural beauty without worrying about bad weather, but you will also be able to get all the sunshine you need, along with an amazing tan, of course!

Hundreds of islands

Greece is home to literally hundreds of islands, most of which are rather small – inhabited only by a few hundred people – but all of them are extremely picturesque and gorgeous. What makes the Greek island famous all over the world, is the fact that each one comes with its own atmosphere and “personality”. For example, Mykonos is where some of the most luxurious villas and most exclusive clubs and restaurants in Europe are located while Santorini is famous for its volcanic landscapes and gorgeous sunsets. No matter what your holiday style, you will find the perfect island for it.

Many cultural sites

If apart from enjoying and relaxing you would also like to get some culture during your vacation, Greece has got you more than covered. The country’s history reaches all the way back to the stone and bronze age, which means that there are archaeological sites in just about every corner. Furthermore, some of the most famous cultural sites in the world such as the Parthenon and the Palace of King Minos in Knossos can be found there. You can even enjoy a play in one of the world’s most ancient and most famous open-air theaters! If you would like to also learn something during your vacation, then Greece is the perfect destination.

Amazing food

Finally, Greece is also known for its food. Greek cuisine is considered among the most delicious and healthiest in the world. If you visit Greece, you will get t experience famous Greek dishes such the Greek salad, moussaka and lamb on the spit cooked by real Greeks. It’s the closest you will get to enjoying a Greek home cooked meal. 

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