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    What makes vacations in Greece so special

    If there are a few days each year that deserve to be truly special, those are our vacation days. Those are the days when we get to relax and forget all the troubles and the worries of our work and daily life. They are the few days each year when we get to escape the daily routine, relax and recharge our batteries. Our reward for a year’s – or perhaps even more – worth of hard work. Therefore, we all want our vacation time to be as special as possible and in order for that to happen, one has to pick the right destination. And of course, there is nothing better than customized vacation packages to help us do that.

    When it comes to holiday destinations, none is as popular as Greece. This rather small country in the Mediterranean Sea welcomes literally millions of visitors each year and most, if not all, of them return to their homes completely satisfied of their time there and they vow to return. What is it that makes holidays in Greece so special? Let’s find out!

    The most beautiful beaches in Europe

    What makes Greece stand out from other countries in the south of Europe is the fact that its beaches are known all over the world for their amazing beauty. Most of them feature fine, white sand, while their waters have a unique emerald-green color that just invites you to dive in them. Finally, some of them, like the Shipwreck beach on the island of Zakynthos and the black beaches of Santorini, are constantly voted as the best and most unique beaches in the world by numerous travel blogs, sites and publications.

    Amazing weather

    Another thing that’s rather unique about Greece, is the fact that during the summer months, the weather is almost ALWAYS sunny and warm. This means that not only you will be able to enjoy the country’s beaches and its natural beauty without worrying about bad weather, but you will also be able to get all the sunshine you need, along with an amazing tan, of course!

    Hundreds of islands

    Greece is home to literally hundreds of islands, most of which are rather small – inhabited only by a few hundred people – but all of them are extremely picturesque and gorgeous. What makes the Greek island famous all over the world, is the fact that each one comes with its own atmosphere and “personality”. For example, Mykonos is where some of the most luxurious villas and most exclusive clubs and restaurants in Europe are located while Santorini is famous for its volcanic landscapes and gorgeous sunsets. No matter what your holiday style, you will find the perfect island for it.

    Many cultural sites

    If apart from enjoying and relaxing you would also like to get some culture during your vacation, Greece has got you more than covered. The country’s history reaches all the way back to the stone and bronze age, which means that there are archaeological sites in just about every corner. Furthermore, some of the most famous cultural sites in the world such as the Parthenon and the Palace of King Minos in Knossos can be found there. You can even enjoy a play in one of the world’s most ancient and most famous open-air theaters! If you would like to also learn something during your vacation, then Greece is the perfect destination.

    Amazing food

    Finally, Greece is also known for its food. Greek cuisine is considered among the most delicious and healthiest in the world. If you visit Greece, you will get t experience famous Greek dishes such the Greek salad, moussaka and lamb on the spit cooked by real Greeks. It’s the closest you will get to enjoying a Greek home cooked meal. 

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    Things to look out for when renting a car in Paros

    Here you can read some of the things to look out when renting a car in the island of Paros in Greece

    When it comes to summer vacations, the words that best sum them ups are “relaxation” and “fun”. We all need to spend some time unwinding and just having fun after many months of working hard in an office or in any other job for that matter. To put it simply, our vacation time is simply very valuable, and we must do everything in our power to get the most out of it. When one visits a vacation destination, it goes without saying that they do not want to spend all their time there in a hotel, which is why nearly everyone who goes on a vacation – especially if they bring their family along – chooses to bring his or her to the destination. But what if that destination happens to be too far or is simply inaccessible by car? The solution to this problem is simple: rent a car at the destination.

    One of the most popular destinations for tourists in Greece is the small island of Paros. This rather tiny island has a lot to offer to its visitors, but Paros’ bus service is not very often or organized, which is why it is better enjoyed and explored by car. The people of Paros seem to know that, which is why there a lot of car rental agencies on the island.

    Car rentals in Paros, Greece is not a difficult task, due to the things we mentioned in the paragraph above, however, picking the right car for you and with rental terms that will make the rental experience as smooth as possible, is a bit trickier. Here are a few things to look out for when renting a car on Paros.

    Pick the right model

    Every car rental agency will try to rent you their most expensive cars. We are talking about very large vehicles, like people carriers and SUVs, or sports models and convertibles. Don’t fall for their tricks. If you don’t have a large family you don’t need a large car and unless you want to pretend to be an international playboy or a famous starlet during your holiday, you don’t need a sports or luxury car either. Paros is a small island with nice roads, so in most cases, a regular hatchback will suffice.

    Always specify the type of transmission you want your car to have

    While in the USA and many countries in Europe most cars have automatic transmissions, drivers in Greece seem to prefer manual cars almost exclusively. With that being said,since most car rental agencies know that mist of their customers won’t be from Greece, always have at least some automatic models available. If you can only drive cars with automatic transmission, then make sure to mention that to the agency that you will choose. If you don’t, then they will just provide you with a manual model, since this is the “default option” in Greece.

    Ask about the agency’s “gas tank policy”.

    When you receive your car, chances are that it will come with a full tank of gas, or a half full one.Some agencies actually require you to return the car with about the same amount of gas in the tank as the day it was delivered to you. In most cases, if you deliver the car in person and the tank is empty, the owner will kindly ask you to fill the tank or pay for the missing gas. If you just drop off the car with an empty tank however, your credit card may be charged for the cost of the gas and you might even get a “fine” from the agency! Never forger to ask what a Paros car rental agency’s gas tank policy is before renting a car.

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    Tips for finding the best luxury villa for your holidays

    Tips for finding the best villa for your summer vacations

    It is not only a matter of being able to afford to rent a villa for your summer vacations. It is all about finding, and renting the perfectly right villa for you, and your loved ones, which is an entirely different story. What is the difference that it makes? The answer to that is utterly simple. In the former case scenario you will get a big space for spending your holidays, while in the latter case you will get the experience of a lifetime. Don’t you think that you should take things seriously in order to reward yourself with the best possible option? I think you should!

    Don’t worry about the way you will reach such an experience. You are about to read the right tips that can guide you to achieve that very goal.

    Having said that, it is worth mentioning that the popularity of villa rentals is gradually growing. This is due to the fact that the villa is an actual private place, which for the time you will choose to spend there becomes your home. It offers privacy, and the personal space you need to relax away from crowded hotels, in which for enjoying their services you need to book ahead, wait for hours, or getting out of bed early. Thus, for making the most out of it follow the tips below, and enjoy! Keep in mind that finding villas to rent in Mykonos is not hard, but finding the best villas is where it’s gets tricky. Don’t worry though, in this article you will learn all about that.

    Put your variables in place

    That is perhaps the most vital aspect of the whole process, and it basically means to know with whom you are sharing your vacations. If it is your family, which includes young children you need to set a certain plan in case of emergency, in order to enjoy your time without any unfortunate surprises. If you have teenagers with you make sure you have a backup plan for them in case they are bored. On the other hand, if you are spending your holidays with your partner, or a group of friends, things become a bit easier.

    Be specific about the experience you are after

    Your choice should be in accordance with the atmosphere you crave to experience, as the options along with the types of villas offered are particularly diverse. If you love nature you can choose a rustic farmhouse, or in case you are more of a sea lover you can get a beach house. The choices are indeed countless.

    Choose the right location

    Another key variable for making the right villa choice is the location. For example, if you are a cosmopolitan traveler who enjoys a combination of natural beauty, perfect beaches, great parties, luxurious services, and privacy at the same time, a villa in Mykonos is the absolute place for you.

    Find the villa with the appropriate size

    That is critical in case you are spending your vacations with a large group of people. Thus, it is vital to ensure the actual number of bedrooms and bathrooms in order to avoid any inconvenience. Mykonos villas are widely known for their big size and how comfortable they are compared to other islands.

    Make the services arrangement beforehand

    As long as we are talking about the rental of a luxury villa, the amount of services at your disposal is guaranteed. That being said, it is rather important to book the services you need on time, and be as precise as possible. An accurate example would be the frequency of the housekeeping services, the chef, and the possibility of having a babysitter available at any time.

    Book the villa of your choice as early as possible

    Of course, in order to secure the right villa, which corresponds perfectly to your needs, it is critical to book your reservation as early as possible.

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    How to get good rates when renting a car in Santorini

    How to get good rates when you rent a car on Santorini or any other island

    The Greek islands are among the most popular summer vacation destinations in the world, because of their sunny weather and of course their gorgeous beaches. Choosing one for your summer vacation certainly isn’t an easy task, but no matter what choice you make, you will definitely have an unforgettable time during your stay. Most Greek islands are rather small – in fact Santorini, one of the country’s most popular island destinations, is practically tiny – but no matter which one you choose to vacation in, you will have to rent a car in order to enjoy it to the fullest.

    When it comes to spending some time on the Greek islands, the first thing that goes through most people’s minds is which one to choose. After that choice is made however, most people set about looking for cars to rent. The first thing that they are concerned for is of course the rates. How much should you expect to pay per day for a car rental? Well, that seems to depend on some factors, let’s see the most important ones.

    How long will you need the car for?

    When it comes to renting a car, the time that you will need the car for is one of the defining factors when it comes to the rates. Simply out, the longer you keep the car, the lower the rate will be. Car rentals in Santorini are becoming more valuable as the years pass because people want to take full advantage of their holidays and explore the island to the fullest and what is a better way to drive around the island and experience the amazing scenery.

    Time of booking

    The time when you decide to book your car is also very important when it comes to determining the rates. The sooner you book, the better for your wallet. If you book a car in the last minute, expect to be quoted a rate that will be way more expensive than the one you would have been quoted if you booked a few weeks or even months in advance. Most car rental agencies have websites that you can use to book your car, check them out and book one as soon as possible. Don’t actually wait to get to the island in order to book.

    Type of agency

    Local companies usually have much cheaper rates than well-known multinational companies. This is because local companies have to compete with one another in order to get clients while corporations can get by on the merits of their name and reputation. Just find a reliable local car rental company – on a popular island like Santorini there should be tens of them – (online reviews and comments will definitely help you with that) and you should be good to go. Santorini car rental agencies are widely known for their professionalism and their good services because they want people to come back to the island and have good memories from it, which will not only make create good business for them but it will also increase tourists wanting to come back again and again.

    Number of agencies

    Here’s where things get a bit more complicated and tricky. As a rule of thumb, the greater the number of businesses, the fiercer the completion and fierce competition means cheap rates. Popular destinations like Santorini are home to tens of car rental agencies, but the same can’t be said for other, less popular islands. If the island only has a couple of agencies, then both of them will have identical rates which will probably be a bit on the expensive side. If there are lots of agencies on the island, each one will offer a competitive rate. In other words, rates on Santorini will be much cheaper than those in a less popular island like Samothraki for example.

    Type of car

    Finally, it goes without saying that a 4×4 and a compact car will have much different rates. The less common the car, the higher the rate will be. One of the best ways to keep rates reasonable is to stay away from luxury cars and SUVs and go with a compact and a sedan. This will keep the rates low and it will actually make getting around the island easier. Islands like Santorini have great roads, so SUVs and trucks are kind of overkill.

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